“Redesigning The Designers” by Andre Chaves



From Andre:

“The basis behind this project was derived from a concept by Ernest Bloch, the philosopher not the composer.  Although a very complex philosopher, my point is to explore his concept of the “not-yet” applied to the utopian possibilities of the work of art, not yet fully formulated.  It is related to the magic of subjectivity that can expand further than the limitation imposed by life itself.

I have looked at these Designers and found something about the essence of their work that was not yet fully expressed.  The work can be modified in the growth and progressive direction or in a lateral movement, showing unfolded ways in which the work could be further evolved.  I have chosen the latter and re-interpreted some of their work so that it is part of the essence without ever being the work itself.  Therefore, it is a parallel effort.”

Boxed set of 14 prints plus a title page.  Box measures approximately 13″ x 15″.  Additional shipping costs may apply due to size.